We handle estate disputes between beneficiaries and Last Will contests, as well as representing fiduciaries in estate administration. If disputes cannot be resolved without litigation, we will advocate for the proper solution in court. Probate Administration is the area of law involved with the orderly distribution of a person’s assets after death. It also involves a review of the decedent’s estate to see if any taxes are due the government and if any debts are owed to creditors. At Nash, Cohenour & Giessmann, P.C., we work together when controversies arise in trust, estate and guardianship matters. Our attorneys represent individuals and institutions, whether beneficiaries or fiduciaries, in controversies including: the interpretation, administration and management of trusts and estates; will and trust contests; the reformation, clarification, modification and termination of trust instruments; demands for accountings by agents under durable powers of attorney; and contested guardianship matters. We seek the most appropriate means to resolve the case, whether through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation, sensitive to the emotions that often accompany these types of disputes.