We represent creditors in bankruptcies and bankruptcy related litigation, contested matters and adversary proceedings including stay litigation and contesting and negotiating the confirmation of reorganization plans. We take a practical approach to bankruptcy and creditors’ rights representation, recognizing the cost and risk of litigation, and the value of a speedy resolution.



We are committed to providing the firm’s banking clients with high quality legal services that respond to the banking and business needs of the clients. We are experienced in a broad range of banking law and corporate finance matters including, but not limited to negotiable instruments, UCC repossession and foreclosing security interests, all aspects of asset collections, litigation involving real estate and foreclosures, bankruptcy, replevin, and defending lender liability assertions. We apply this expertise to achieve our client’s desired objectives in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Real Property

Nash, Cohenour & Giessmann, P.C. offers a full range of services related to the acquisition, disposition, financing, leasing, management and use of real property, including lease and purchase and sale agreement negotiations and land use representation and litigation. Our attorneys are experienced in all aspects of commercial real estate, including acquisitions and dispositions, contracts of sale, leases, mortgage lending, and landlord-tenant rights and remedies. We assist clients in forming limited liability companies, limited partnerships and joint ventures to acquire and operate real estate and in financing acquisitions of real estate. Our services include representing clients in real estate litigation such as landlord and tenant disputes, construction and contract disputes and premises liability.



We handle estate disputes between beneficiaries and Last Will contests, as well as representing fiduciaries in estate administration. If disputes cannot be resolved without litigation, we will advocate for the proper solution in court. Probate Administration is the area of law involved with the orderly distribution of a person’s assets after death. It also involves a review of the decedent’s estate to see if any taxes are due the government and if any debts are owed to creditors. At Nash, Cohenour & Giessmann, P.C., we work together when controversies arise in trust, estate and guardianship matters. Our attorneys represent individuals and institutions, whether beneficiaries or fiduciaries, in controversies including: the interpretation, administration and management of trusts and estates; will and trust contests; the reformation, clarification, modification and termination of trust instruments; demands for accountings by agents under durable powers of attorney; and contested guardianship matters. We seek the most appropriate means to resolve the case, whether through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation, sensitive to the emotions that often accompany these types of disputes.


Oil and Gas

We handle all Oil and Gas matters, before all courts of record, as well as all Oklahoma Corporation Commission cases, litigation, mineral owner suits, and pollution. Additionally, we negotiate oil and gas leases and transactions between mineral owner and oil and gas operators. Further, we handle major pollution where land or water rights have been polluted along with any surface issues. We provide services for small and large oil companies, as well as mineral owners. We are involved in litigation for oil and gas operators, as well as surface and mineral owners. We handle all Oklahoma Corporation Commission matters from spacing cases to pollution and salt water disposal and injection. we negotiate surface damages and surface rights as well as the negotiation of oil and gas leases.


Income Tax

We provide services in a number of different areas of tax law. We can prepare and file income tax returns for estates, individuals and businesses, maximizing deductions and ensuring the return is properly prepared and documented. Changes in the tax code or its interpretation can have a profound effect on a company. Nash, Cohenour & Giessmann, P.C. quickly provides solid advice based on the timeliest information. We assist clients in better understanding the tax consequences of their transactions. We are careful to address any tax issues in the context of a client’s overall business objectives. Our attorneys plan and implement strategies to reduce the tax burden borne by businesses, individuals and their estates. We also provide client representation in the tax conflicts area.



We assist clients in seeking guardianship for incapacitated or incompetent family members. Because of the increasing population in the United States of people living much longer lives, the number of vulnerable or incapacitated persons, and therefore the need for guardianship attorneys, has exploded. If a family member is unable to make decisions on his or her own, you may need to have a guardian appointed to protect his or her interests. Our attorneys will help you decide if the person may be incompetent and in need of a guardian or if there is an alternative to guardianship available. Whether you are seeking to obtain guardianship of a friend or family member, or you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having to contest some aspect of an existing guardianship matter, the attorneys at Nash, Cohenour & Giessmann, P.C. will be glad to assist you.



We represent banks and other investors and lenders in connection with commercial loan enforcement proceedings. We assist lenders in the process necessary to enable them to proceed with foreclosure. Our attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable in the process required for each. We also represent clients in contested litigation, the correction of defects that impair the eventual titles to the transferred at foreclosure sale, the defense of counterclaims, and bankruptcy proceedings. In prosecuting a foreclosure action, we help our clients by identifying and implementing loss mitigation initiatives, such as deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure. These loss mitigation efforts usually present a “win-win” situation for both our client and the borrower, thus minimizing some of the negative attributes associated with the foreclosure process.


Family Law

We provide a full range of services for individuals in all aspects of family law. We seek solutions best suited to the needs of our clients, whether through litigation, settlement, mediation or counseling. Nash, Cohenour & Giessmann, P.C. realizes that each day families are challenged by issues such as rising divorce rates, increasingly complex child custody cases, and complicated family planning including adoption, surrogacy, and premarital planning. Our attorneys can help address and resolve these delicate matters with confidentiality, care, agility and hands-on service. We provide personal and professional support through times that are highly emotional and that require calm and reasoned decision-making.


Estate Planning

We provide a full range of estate planning services. Nash, Cohenour & Giessmann, P.C. helps individuals prepare estate plans that will minimize estate and gift taxes while maximizing family wealth management and asset protection. These services include preparation of Last Wills, Durable Powers of Attorney and Living Wills (Advance Directive to Physicians). Depending on the individual’s circumstances, the creation of family or individual trusts to minimize estate taxes can be an important part of an effective estate plan. Such planning may include Living Trusts, Irrevocable Trusts, and Charitable Trusts, among other estate planning vehicles.