Creditors’ Rights

We represent secured and unsecured creditors in providing services in the areas of loan workouts, asset recovery and debt collection. We perform a wide range of services for clients who are seeking to assert or perfect their rights in property in which they have an interest. Despite the best intentions of the participants, not all financing transactions are successful. Nash, Cohenour & Giessmann, P.C. provides advice and legal counsel to financial institutions and other creditors in connection with all types of financing and business transactions, from credit card loans to major bankruptcy matters. Where workouts are possible, they can benefit both sides. When they are not, our attorneys are experienced in foreclosing on real and personal property security and in dealing with complex bankruptcy issues when they arise. Our attorneys are seasoned litigators who regularly prosecute and defend matters involving collections, replevins, garnishments, receiverships, attachments and mechanics liens in virtually every type of commercial, industrial and real estate transaction.